mise-o-jeuThe province of Quebec has in effect legalized single game sports betting through their provincial sports lottery known as ‘Mise-o-jeu’. It is only open to residents of Quebec, and it operates in a similar format as many online betting sites.

Mise-o-jeu vs. Online Betting


Mise-o-jeu are allowed to offer single game wagering due to changes in legislation within the province. But, how does Mise-o-jeu stack up with other options for Canadian sports bettors?


Has Single Game Betting

Offers Player Bonuses


Unfair Odds

While Mise-o-jeu offers Canadians single-game betting and bonus perks, the odds they offer are not fair because they charge a large amount of ‘juice’, much more than online sites or in Las Vegas. This will eventually cost the bettor more money in the long run.

For example, look at the playoff series betting odds for the Toronto Raptors vs. Miami Heat at Mise-o-jeu. The odds for Toronto to win are (-220) and the comeback on Miami is only (+120).

Now, compare that with Bet365 who have Toronto at (-155) to win and the comeback on Miami at (+135). This is why it is more profitable to bet sports online instead of with provincial sports lotteries.